All DataCubes products are line of business and class independent and can be used separately or together as a suite. Products can be used via API, portal or email.

d3 Intake™

Virtually eliminate submission paperwork

Automate the intake of submission documents including PDFs, scans and other forms of unstructured data using machine learning models pretrained on thousands of ACORD applications, loss runs and other insurance documents. Analyze inputs in near real-time to find missing information and resolve quality issues.

d3 Risk 360™

Gain business insights from third party data

Increase underwriting productivity by informing your process using over 1.5 billion data points across all 50 states. DataCubes maintains a data lake of information on businesses drawn from government entities, public records, company websites and other sources.

d3 Pre-fill™

Pre-fill application and underwriting questions

Prepopulate application information and underwriting questions using machine learning. Our specialized models are trained like underwriters to discover and surface deep insights based on submission and / or third party data.

d3 Risk Score™

Select and prioritize risks

Optimize the selection and prioritization of risks for evaluation. Ensure quoted business is within your risk appetite by leveraging a model trained on hundreds of external data sources.

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